Restoration Projects

Water Damage

Bayview Project's professionals are well trained in managing water damage, whether it is the result of constant excess moisture or a major flood. Instant action is important when noticing water related incident in order to prevent further damage and preserve the integrity of the surrounding fixtures. Furthermore, some water may be a source of contaminants and require expert examination. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact Bayview Projects in case of water damage, as our professional team will take immediate steps for successful mitigation.

Vandalism Damage

We understand that any form of vandalism is a traumatic event that requires immediate response, and we pride ourselves in being as empathetic as possible to your unique situation. Bayview Projects has access to all the resources and expertise required in order to return your property as quickly as possible to it original, or even better condition. We specialize in cleaning and restoring any level of vandalism, ranging from limited residential property damage to a large-scale commercial vandalism. Our services include graffiti removal, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting the area, hazardous material containment, and repair of windows and doors. We employ the latest equipment and technology to provide you with the most professional and respectful restoration services.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Bayview Projects realizes that fire events can be devastating and catastrophic and therefore we offer professional services that will restore your property as efficiently and safely as possible. It is important that you contact our emergency services immediately to secure your property and avoid threats such as theft, vandalism or injuries from hazards created by fire damage. Bayview Projects' experienced team has substantial knowledge and experience in evaluating the extent of fire and smoke damage and taking the appropriate actions. Our services include cleaning and disinfecting affected objects, removal of soot and water damage, neutralizing of odours and other fire residues. The main goal of our services is to restore your property as quickly as possible in a compassionate and professional manner.

Motor Vehicle Damage

If you have experienced property damage caused by a motor vehicle, Bayview Projects can assist you with every step of recovering your estate to its original condition. Our professional employees are trained at cleaning and restoring the damaged property, towing the crashed vehicle, and dealing with insurance companies. Bayview Projects construction services will work with your budgetary needs to return your home or an office to its initial state as quickly as possible. We will minimize any additional discomfort by providing the most professional and reliable services that no other company can offer.