Case-Study: Historic Building Restoration

Service Overview:

This historic building in Downtown Toronto is about 140 years old and was already condemned beyond repair. We were tasked with the challenge of re-constructing and restoring the building so that it still maintains its historic value but will also be functional and will include modern amenities. Everything about this building needed to be re-built, starting with the foundation. Due to the terrible structural state of this building we had to act quickly and installed temporary emergency support. Once it was considered safe enough for our crew, we began the complex work of tearing down and re-constructing the building. Our team worked with extreme precision and care to ensure that neighboring buildings and tenants were not impacted by the restoration. We are proud to say that this beautiful historic building will be around for many more years to come.

Services Offered:

  • Complete house gut-out
  • Converted the home into an open concept style
  • Removed walls and replaced them with steel beams
  • Modernized plumbing, electrical and hardwired internet throughout the home
  • Completely redesigned the interior without sacrificing the exterior historic look

Before Photos


After Photos