Case-Study: Country Home, Caledon

Service Overview:

Rebuilding, adding and redesigning a large home is always a major challenge. This was the case for this beautiful country home in Caledon, Ontario. The owners wanted to have more usable space inside the home and also wanted to improve the exterior look of their home. We converted the existing oversized garage into a seamless section of liveable space. We then rebuilt several rooms in the home and constructed a brand new garage. Finally, the exterior of the home required re-cladding and the removal of the second floor deck. The result is a new and breathtaking country home that is larger and has a look that will stand the test of time.

Services Offered:

  • Demolished a large section of the house and re-built it based on the new plans
  • Expanded the the living space by converting the oversized garage into a bedroom, exercise room and laundry room
  • Re-built the master bedroom, main washroom and the lobby
  • Built a new stand alone 2 car garage
  • Removed the existing second floor deck to accommodate the all new re-cladding to the entire exterior of the house

Before Photos


After Photos